The Comb Series.

The two-dimensional plane.
Flat representation of space.
A graphic symbol may become an object.
Scale shifts. Orientation shifts.

Like a map on a wall a painting floats in defiance of gravity and correct “overhead” orientation. This makes it (seem) like an object, not a representation of something else. Weight and Scale shift when context alternates from the viewer's eye, the painting, the implied space and the real world.

The process is scrimshawed acrylic on panel. The second color is “inlaid” next to the first color in a chiseled channel. This line where the two planes meet is a line turned edge by the demarcation of “This side this color, that side that color.”

The result is a two-color painting where there is no background or foreground. No layering. All of the paint is equa-distant to your eye.